Musikverein Weißenbach bei Liezen

The Musikverein Weißenbach bei Liezen was foundet in 1949. The first public appearance was in 1950 at the primary school in Weißenbach bei Liezen. Only 1956 the band had been clothed by the local authority, the band is wearing this traditional costume since that time. In 1992 the Musikverein Weißenbach bei Liezen was the very successful organizer of the annual Bezirksmusikfest of the destrict Liezen. in 1999 the band was awarded with the Steirischen Panther, because of the successful participation in a marching competition. Today the band ows 35 active members betwee the age from 12 to 70. The most important appearances were in 1986 the appearance at the Formular 1 Grand Prix in Zeltweg (Austria), in 1991 a cityconcert in Günzach/Bayern (Germany) and in 2012 the participation at the International Blasmusikfestival in Mali Losinj (Croatia).

Participated: 2017, 2018
Country: AT

Mv  Weißenbach

Conductor: René Seebacher

Musikverein Weißenbach bei Liezen concert(s)
Mid Europe 2018

Thursday, 12.07.2018

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM