Mid Europe - Blasmusikfestival in Schladming

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MID EUROPE in Schladming and Haus/Ennstal
July 12-17, 2016


Thursday, 14 July 20165 from 17:00 o'clock


Gastronomy - Music- Skopping in the center of Schladming

folk music – music for wind – BigBand Sound – Jazz – Ensemblemusic

4 stages

fashion show, shopping


Lange Nacht Lange Nacht

Lange Nacht Lange Nacht


    stage 1 (Wetzlarerplatz)
 16:45-17:45    Taipei Zhong-Zheng Junior High School 19th Windband, TW
 18:15-19:15    Blaskapelle EBB, AT
 19:15-19:30    collectif fanfare du Monastier, FR
 19:45-20:45    Musikverein St. Martin am Grimming, AT
 21:00-22:00    Big Bang Hengelo, NL
 22:00-22:30    VERLOSUNG
 22:30-00:15    Raaber Blechbuam, AT
     stage 2 (Zentrum)
17:00-17:30    Eröffnung mit der Stadtkapelle Schladming
17:45-18:15     Stadtkapelle Schladming, AT
18:15-18:45     collectif fanfare du Monastier, FR
18:45-19:45     Rovereto Wind Orchestra, IT 
19:45-20:45     fashion show
20:45-21:45     West of Scotland Schools concert Band, UK
22:30-00:45     Anras Brass, AT
    stage 3 (Centro Parkplatz)
17:15-17:45    Ansambel helikonov, SI
18.15-19:15     The Israeli Zichron Ya’akov Band, IL
19:45-20:45     Jugendblaskapelle Sonthofen e.V. , DE
20:45-21:15     collectif fanfare du Monastier, FR
21:15-22:15    KD Papirniški pihalni orkester Vevče, SI 
22:45-00:30     Voixxbradler, AT
     stage 4 ('Annakapelle) powered by Hohenhaus Tenne
17:00-18:00    The Nahariya Youth Band, IL
18:30-19:30     Big Bang Hengelo, NL
19:45-20:15     Ansambel helikonov, SI
20:45-22:00     Blaskapelle EBB, AT
22:00-22:30     collectif fanfare du Monastier, FR
22:30-00:15   Blaskapelle pro Stany, AT




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Logo Kaufmannschaft SchladmingThe "Lange Nacht" is a cooperation freom Mid Europe and the Schladminger Kaufmannschaft.