2019 Mid Europe Shooting Kids On Fire 033 © Herbert Raffalt

"Kids on Fire" - to "burn" for music

Wednesday, 10.04.2019

Under the motto “Kids on Fire” the sequel to “Kids in Concert” – one of Mid EUROPE’s program highlights – takes place on July 10, 2019. Mag. Horst Krammer, director of the Ernst-Ludwig-Uray Music School Schladming, defines the significance of music for children and youth and what they actually "burn" for.

"Kids on fire" - what else are children thrilled about in our society away from social media? Sports, music, fashion, video games, ... The fact is that any intense engagement with a thing has a huge impact on the development of a personality. This ultimately brings satisfaction and success. But first you have to be willing to sacrifice time, dedicate personal effort and diligence, show perseverance, take back setbacks and overcome multiple depths to enjoy success - and this is only possible if you "burn" for a cause.

At a music school, an attempt is made to keep the source of fire “MUSIC” glowing in a goal-oriented manner and according to the development of the child. Through constant support we want to create incentives to keep the "fire" alive through new challenges and goals. (There may be a straw fire, but we know their impact and endurance, but also the consequences in terms of sustainability.)

To "burn" for music also has social, cognitive and human aspects. You play with people of all ages in an orchestra, everyone has a different social background and not everyone is your best friend, but you have a common goal - the music.

Our kids can spend their free time in a seemingly endless variety of ways. However, parents and pedagogues are required that the following generations will not "burn up" in the overabundance and ultimately end up empty-handed.

Special offers for children, such as "Kids on fire" enable children to experience the world of orchestral music (be it classical, jazz etc.) at an early age. Not only the children benefit from this, but also the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles (and all those who attend these projects) and the performing musicians. A special and unique experience for all active and passive participants.

"Without music, life seems to be a mistake" - quote from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietsche