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Looking forward to Mid EUROPE 2019 - 6 participants report

Tuesday, 26.02.2019

WYWOP (World Youth Wind Orchestra Project) and WAWOP (World Adult Wind Orchestra Project) are meanwhile fixed parts of the Mid EUROPE as well as their participants, who are looking forward to the upcoming Mid EUROPE from the 9th to the 14th of July 2019. How great the anticipation for the Mid EUROPE 2019 is, can be read in the following statements of the enthusiastic musicians.

Ruedi Berger, Clarinetist from Switzerland - WAWOP participant
"First and foremost, I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting all people again who have the same passion for music. It does not matter where and from which profession the respective musicians come from. There are hardly any comparable occasions when you are allowed to make music within a music project under such competent and charismatic conductors and composers. But rewarding for this commitment are fantastic concert experiences and lots of energy to survive the time to the next WAWOP. "

Juliet Sadd, Euphonium from the USA - WAWOP participant
"WAWOP has been a fun way for me to share Austrian experiences with my family. My husband and son has accompanied me so that we could enjoy hiking, outings, meals, beer, and new friends together. This year, our daughter Stephanie will join WAWOP on the trumpet and experience Austria for the first time. WAWOP is an excellent program musically and culturally. It will be wonderful to be in Austria again, and to share Austrian Gemütlichkeit with my family and new friends. WAWOP where we find ‘New Old Friends’."

Bruce (Lee Chong Hong), tuba player from Malaysia - WAWOP participant
"I'm looking forward to the upcoming WAWOP 2019. For me, WAWOP is like a family reunion, just as Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. No matter where I am, I have to come back to meet my old friends and meet new friends. A warm hug will not express enough what it means when people meet in Schladming. "

Kim Lamb, flutist from Australia - WAWOP participant
"I am really looking forward to working with other musicians and to experiencing the culture of the festival. There is nothing like this in Australia! Although there are concerts in my region, I don’t always have the opportunity of playing with many different musicians. The week of Mid EUROPE will be like heaven! I am excited about participating in this project and looking forward to experiencing Austria, meeting musicians from different places and cultures and sharing the joy of music with them."

Samantha Woog, bassoonist from the USA - WYWOP participant
"I am so excited for WYWOP 2019 because it is this incredibly special and wonderful time when a group of passionate musicians come together for one precious week to celebrate music in the Alps. WYWOP brought me my dearest friends and blessed me with many sweet memories of breathing in the fresh mountain air, enjoying the historic ambience of the Royer hotel, playing prolific wind music and screaming bar songs into the morning hours. I am so happy that WYWOP continues to impact its musicians and audiences each year, and I’m so lucky be a part of this family!"

Valentin Posch, trombonist from Austria - WYWOP participant
"When WYWOP was over in 2018, I was a little sad that this week passed so quickly. But even before I left Schladming, I knew that I would register again next year. Now it is time again, and I can not wait to meet old acquaintances again, to make music together and to have fun. Personally, WYWOP brings me a lot, as I can develop myself both musically and personally. I can really advise every music enthusiast to see the Mid EUROPE Festival and, if possible, to be part of it, because it's really unique and you do not forget the impressions all your life."