Akadma - Ashdod Conservatory Youth Wind Band

The Wind Band of “Akadma”, the Ashdod Municipality Conservatory, was established in 1975. Ever since, it participated in many concerts in Israel, as well as in Festivals and concerts abroad, mainly in Europe. The Wind Band’s Repertoire is very diverse and includes, among others, Classic pieces, Modern Music and other genres written by Israeli and International composers. The band is very popular among the (almost 300,000) inhabitants of the City of Ashdod and is always invited to perform in concerts produced by the Conservatory and the Municipality. In many occasions, Pianists and Wind Instruments Soloists are invited to perform together with the Wind Band.

Participated: 2024
Country: IL

Akadma Ashdod Conservatory Youth Wind Band Band Photo

Conductor: Zorik Ekstein

Mr. Ekstein graduated the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music. Maestro Ekstein is the conductor of the Wind Band of the Akadma Conservatory, as well as the Conservatory’s Representative Orchestra. Under Maestro Ekstein’s Baton, both,the Band and Orchestra, earned an honorary place in Israel, a fact that was mentioned many times in Wind Bands’ congresses held in Israel and abroad.

Akadma - Ashdod Conservatory Youth Wind Band concert(s)
Mid Europe 2023