Enjoyment of making music together, that's why we started the Ennsbodnmusi. Bohemian brass music, traditional folk music, modern. The Ennsbodnmusi is a fusion of members of the Marktkapelle Haus and the Musikkapelle Aich. The Ennsbodnmusi was founded in 2014. The winter time is mainly used for rehearsals because there are no rehearsals in the two Musikkapellen. In summer we have an average of about 10 appearances per year, be it an alpine festival in Ramsau, or a morning pint at some festivals, but also evening entertainment in the beer tent are among our appearances.

Musical direction:
Celia Moosbrugger was born in Schladming in 1996 and grew up in the beautiful Enns Valley. There was a lot of music in her family when she was born. The life of Celia Moosbrugger was shaped musically from the beginning. As the youngest of three children, she developed great zeal and joy in making music early on. At the age of four, she learned the first instrument, and others were to follow. The multi-instrumentalist plays the flute, Styrian harmonica, chromatic Hackbrett, diatonic Hackbrett, clarinet, piano and drums. Her first compositions came about freely, if not accidentally - she simply had the melodies in her head or in the harmonica. She does not describe herself as a commissioned composer, but rather writes down melodies if they have a special character and the mind is free enough to articulate what they have experienced in music. She is currently completing her music studies (instrumental pedagogy folk music) with a central artistic subject "Styrian Harmonica" at the University of Art in Graz in cooperation with the JJF Conservatory in Graz.

Participated: 2021
Country: AT

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Ennsbodnmusi concert(s)
Mid Europe 2021