SBO Ötztal

The Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the Ötztal Music School

The SBO Ötztal was founded in 1996 by the then music school director Gotthard Schöpf. After Tobias Lämmle, Director Klaus Strobl has been the orchestra's conductor since 2010. The orchestra of around 60 musicians is made up of pupils and teachers from the Ötztal Music School and is supplemented by experienced musicians from the Ötztal. In addition to performances mainly in the Tyrol region, the orchestra has already traveled to Spain twice, winning the concert competition for the "Palme Costa del Maresme" in 2003. Project weeks are held every year, and the orchestra is always happy to invite guest conductors. Andres Simbeni was invited for this year's project.

Participated: 2014, 2017, 2024
Country: AT

Sbo Ötztal

Strobl  Klaus

Conductor: Klaus Strobl

KLAUS STROBL was born in Innsbruck in 1971. He studied percussion and wind orchestra conducting at the conservatory in Innsbruck and graduated with distinction in 1995. He later supplemented his instrumental skills on the tuba and bass trombone. Strobl conducts various wind orchestras and brass bands as well as the Ötztal Symphony Orchestra. As a composer, he has already received several commissions from various orchestras and associations, whereby he acquired his instrumentation skills in study courses and workshops with Hans Eibl, Thomas Doss, Jacob de Haan and Jan van der Roost. He is also a regular jury member at competitions. He has been the director of the Ötztal State Music School and the Symphonic Wind Orchestra since 2010.

Conductor: Andreas Simbeni

Andreas Simbeni was born in Tyrol in 1972 and grew up there. He studied horn, instrumental pedagogy, ensemble conducting, wind orchestra conducting, instrumentation and composition in Graz, Vienna, Linz and Bolzano. Since 2004 he has been teaching EBO - ensemble conducting wind orchestra at the Upper Austrian LMSW, was director of the Regional Music School Sieghartskirchen from 2007 to 2024 and has been teaching conducting, composing and arranging at the Vienna Music School since 2023. He has been conductor of the Akademische Bläserphilharmonie Wien since 2012 and of the Symphonisches Jugendblasorchester Wien since 2023. He regularly works as a guest conductor with orchestras such as the LJBO Styria, the Brass Band Saxony, Danubia Symphonic Winds, etc. He has written numerous compositions and arrangements for wind orchestras, youth wind orchestras and various ensembles.

Andreas Simbeni sees conducting as inspiring people to fill their music with life and to have the courage to surrender unconditionally to the moment of sound.

"You have to learn to conduct just like an instrument." When asked what he enjoys most about conducting, he replied: "You have a really great, colorful sound apparatus in front of you. Conductor and orchestra inspire each other. You totally surrender to the moment. Like a trance."

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