Akadma Ashdod

The municipal youth orchestra of akadma Ashdod, conducted by yair mashiach, and was founded by ricardo futoranski in the year of 1975, is considered to one of the most major orchestras in the country. Thousands of musicians got their musical education in the orchestra and between its seniors plenty of high qualified musicians who are a part of an important and outstanding orchestras both in state and worldwide.

The orchestra has won a lot of praise and many prizes, including the first place in an international contest in Valencia. The orchestra has visited as the first youth orchestra in the peace and comradeship festival in china, took a concerts tour in the canary islands, and visited france.

The musical brotherhood and the love for music brings extraordinary musical performances, sharing music contributes to the musicians and it's creating irreplaceable environment 

Teilgenommen: 2018
Land: IL

Dsc 5277

Yair Mashiach Kl

Dirigent: Yair Mashiach

Akadma Ashdod Konzert(e)
Mid Europe 2019

Freitag, 13.07.2018

16:15 - 16:45

Hallenkonzert Orchester: Akadma Ashdod, IL Veranstaltungsort: congress Schladming
Konzertprogramm >

Titel Solisten Komponist Verlag
Moment For Morricone Morricone
Frolics Solo Klarinette: Ofir Nurani arr. Kats
Espana Cani P. Marquina
Happy Trumpets Solo der 4 Trompeten: Roey Cheulker, Aviv Grinberg, Elizabet Protsyuk, Yehonatan Reznikov W. Schneider; arr. W. Lofler
Tiger Rag arr. Paul Yoder
El Gato Montes Penella Moreno
"March Military Of Israel" Talmi; arr. Grochiani 68

Samstag, 14.07.2018

17:50 - 18:30

Open Air Konzert Orchester: Akadma Ashdod, IL Veranstaltungsort: Bühne 2 - Zentrum