Wind Band VAMOS

Wind Band VAMOS operates in Vantaa, in the capital area of Finland. All players are students in Vantaa music institute. Vamos was founded in 2011 and has at the moment 40 wind and percussion players. Conductor of the orchestra is Teemu Salmi. Vamos is performing regularly in the capital area and also other parts of Finland. The orchestra has also been performing abroad in Sweden, Chech Republic and Germany. Vamos has also succesfully participated in wind band competions in Finland and in Chech Repuclic. Vamos is full of energetic young players who enjoy playing, performing and travelling together!

 About the name of the orchestra:

- VAMOS is spanish and it means: Let's go!

- The history behind the name is like this:

We sat down with my colleague and tried to think a name for the new orchestra in May 2011. We thought that the name of the orchestra should be somehow connected to the name of our home town Vantaa and the word musiikkiopisto (= music institute in finnish). It took a while but then we gathered the VA from Vantaa and MO from MusiikkiOpisto and added the extra S and thus the name VAMOS was created.


Teilgenommen: 2018
Land: FIN

Wind Band Vamos

Teemu Salmi

Dirigent: Teemu Salmi

Conductor of Wind Band VAMOS is Mr. Teemu Salmi. Teemu Salmi is also teacher of low brass instruments in Vantaa music institute. He was one of the founders of Wind Band VAMOS in year 2011. Teemu Salmi has graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2007 majoring in low brass pedagogical studies. He has also graduated from the only music university in Finland, Sibelius Academy in 2016 majoring in his main instrument, trombone. He has attended several conducting classes and also studied conducting in Sibelius Academy and in Helsinki Conservatory under the supervision of Doc. Olli Vartiainen and Peter Larsen.

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