Haifa Orchestra - Yuval Center

Yuval Center For Music And Youth Orchestras in Haifa, Israel was funded since before the state of Israel was born, since the 1940's as the municipal youth orchestra. Since 1996 it is an indipendent non-profit organization. It has now grown to have over 300 students in a variety of musical instruments, four wind orchestras that performed around the country and abroad, two strings orchestras and four chamber ensembles. In addition, we provide music lessons in 200 kindergartens throughout the city.

The representative wind orchestra consists of children ages 14 to 18. They played in several municipal and national events as well as concerts and festivals around Europe

Participated: 2017
Country: IL

Haifa Orchestra Yuval Center

Viacheslav Feigin

Conductor: Viacheslav Feigin

Viacheslav (Slava) Feigin was born in 1972 in Belarus, the USSR and came to Israel in 1994. He graduated from the Gomel music collage in 1991 and was a musician in the USSR army from 1991 to 1993. He has been a music teacher from 1998 and a conductor since 2004 in Tirat Hacarmel conservatoty, Maalot conservatory and Kiryat Ata conservatory in addition to Yuval Music center. He is the conductor of Yuval Music Center's representative orchestra since 2012. Among the pieces on which he conducted:  Festive Overture - Shostakovich, Light Calvary - Suppe, Suite No.1 in Eb - Holst, Eine Kleine Yiddishe Ragmusik - Gorb, Slavonic Dances - Dvorak, Overture from Italiana In Algeri - Rossini, Trumpet Concerto - Cogan, Valtz No.2 – Shostakovich

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