Terms and Conditions

Registration fee, costs

The registration process will ONLY be complete when the registration fee has been transferred (free of charge for the payee) to the following accounts.
You will receive a bill from the Tourismusverband Schladming.

Registration fee for orchestra (EUR 380.00)
Registration fee for CISM Championship (EUR 380.00) for youth wind orchestras:
*only one registration fee is payable for double registrations for the CISM Championship and a concert registration!

Mid Europe can cancel your concert at short notice if this fee has not been received by the start of the concert. Orchestras, ensembles and other formations which have been accepted and therefore form part of MID EUROPE in Schladming must pay all costs (travel costs, accommodation expenses in Schladming, etc.) themselves. The registration fee will NOT be reimbursed if an orchestra cancels its participation after being accepted by MID EUROPE.


  • Timely payment of the registration fee, which is due immediately upon confirmation of participation
  • A festival sojourn of a minimum of two days
  • Willingness to take part in an open-air concert
  • The concert programme can only be drawn up in consultation with the artistic directors of Mid Europe.
  • Concert length for concert hall: 50 minutes of music – this length must NOT be exceeded. No Moderation between the concert!
  • Encores are NOT permitted owing to the precise scheduling
    The conductor is responsible for keeping to the planned times. If these are exceeded a penalty of € 1000 will be imposed to cover the additional costs for the hall and staffing. The organiser can stop the concert if the allocated time is exceeded. Programme extensions are only permitted with the authorisation of the organiser.

  • Open air concert length: 50 minutes of music – this length must NOT be exceeded. You are requested to choose sophisticated entertainment literature for the open air concert. (approval of the proposed programme by the artistic directors is required).

  • Church concert length: 50 minutes of music – this must NOT be exceeded (approval from the artistic directors is required for the church concert programme).

  • Your stay must be booked via the Schladming Tourism Office


Participants in the Mid Europe Festival are required to book their accommodation via the Schladming Tourist Office. Only by booking via Mid Europe and the Schladming Tourist Office will you able to benefit from various discounts (e.g. admission tickets for all orchestra members and special tourist offers).

Information on admission tickets for accompanying persons, special offers for board, accommodation options and tourist excursion programmes can be obtained directly from the Schladming Tourist Office.

Please contact:
Schladming-Dachstein Tourist Office
E-Mail: hotel.mideurope@schladming-dachstein.at


Mid Europe provides a basic percussion instrumentarium (see Mid Europe percussion list below) for open air performances, concerts and rehearsals. Instruments that are NOT listed here (harp, contrabass and other instruments) MUST be brought by the orchestras themselves or hired.

Contrabass, harp, drums or special instruments
If you require a contrabass or other special instruments for your performance you can make hire arrangements with the Lechner company:
Raiffeisenstrasse 16
5500 Bischofshofen
Phone: +43 6462 3518

Provisional percussion list

congress Open air concerts, church concerts and Long Night of Music Rehearsal hall
4 timpani 2 timpani 2 timpani
Bass drum Bass drum Bass drum
Drum set Drum set Drum set
Concert snare
Pair of cymbals Pair of cymbals Pair of cymbals
Suspended cymbal Suspended cymbal Suspended cymbal
Tam-tam Tam-tam
Bongos Bongos Bongos
Congas Congas Congas
Temple blocks
Bells = Glockenspiel Bells = Glockenspiel Bells = Glockenspiel
Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone
Chimes = Tubular bells

The final percussion list will be sent at the start of May.

Proposed programme

Following successful registration you will be sent an Excel file into which you can enter your proposed programme. This can then be returned by email. Your programme must be entered and returned to us by the end of March (for the year of registration) at the latest.

Rehearsals in Schladming

Mid Europe plans a minimum 15-minute seated and acoustic rehearsal on the day of the concert for every orchestra. Stage management instructions must be closely followed in order to keep to the strict schedule.

Gymnasiums in schools are also available if you wish to perform further rehearsals in Schladming. Please contact the Mid Europe office in advance with requests and reservations (by the start of April at the latest)

Photos and biographies

Photos and biographies of the orchestras, conductors and soloists must be submitted with registration forms. Good-quality, high resolution photos for printing in the programme must be sent with application forms. If we do not receive photos and biographies with your application we will not be able to present your ensemble/orchestra on the homepage and in the programme.

IMPORTANT: The photo must be LABELLED so that we can guarantee correct use.
Photo labelling: OrchestraName.jpg, SoloistNAME.jpg, ConductorNAME.jpg

Mid Europe is entitled to use this data freely (website, advertising, announcements, programme, etc.).

Rights for Mid Europe®

Mid Europe holds all rights for the publication and utilisation of photo material made available free of charge and all rights to concert recordings and other records (photo, film and audio) during the festival.