GranitDur - Böhmische

We, the GranitDur, have been a 13-piece brass band since 2015, which has made it its mission to make high quality brass music on the one hand and to celebrate the joy and enthusiasm of making music in the "sounding game" on the other. The musicians of this Bohemian formation come from various music associations in the Mühlviertel (Upper Austria), with which this “colorful bunch” musically combines the different aspects of the granite-marked landscape in one ensemble.

The occupation of the GranitDur-Bohemian, which is based on Austrian models of Bohemian brass music (Machlast, Chekhanka, or the Makos brass band), is as unique as the granite-dominated Mühlviertel. Our chapel consists of 2 clarinets (Eb & B), 4 trumpets or 3 flugelhorns and an obligatory trumpet, 2 euphoniums (tenor horn and baritone part), as well as 3 trombones, a tuba and percussion.

The musical direction has been taken over by Johannes Pilshofer, who is his music school teacher for clarinet and diatonic accordion and thus the only fully trained professional in our ranks. The remaining 12 musicians are enthusiastic and talented amateur musicians, as well as a music student.

We play music on stage without a conductor, which is why it is all the more important for us to listen to and react to each other so that the music on the podium can also become our music.

Our repertoire includes traditional Bohemian-Moravian wind music, as well as well-known numbers of the greats of the current wind music scene.

Participated: 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023, 2024
Country: AT

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