Biosphären Blasorchester "LuNo Winds"

The biosphere wind orchestra "LuNo Winds" is a combination of a selection and training orchestra from the Lungau/Nockberge biosphere reserve region. The orchestra is made up of young talented and established musicians from the local bands in the two biosphere reserve regions of Lungau and Nockberge in close co-operation with the Musikum.

In line with the basic idea of the biosphere reserve "sustainable development of the regions", this orchestra project is intended to establish a long-term orchestral structure for the promotion of local wind music.

This is what we want:

  • to be a contact point for young, talented and motivated musicians who are passionate about quality brass music, who want to broaden their musical and personal horizons and who want to live out their passion for their own instrument and for making music in the community.
  • Not to compete with local bands, but to complement motivated and capable musicians. Care is taken to ensure that there are no clashes of dates with local bands.
  • work with musicians who are prepared to give their full commitment to each project - i.e. if possible, attend all appointments and prepare the literature as well as possible!
  • be open to the ideas and commitment of each individual in order to enable the orchestra to develop further.
  • Create a sustainable orchestral structure that ensures a high-quality orchestra in the long term, with which every musician can identify.
  • To be a talent factory for future leaders and top performers in the local music bands and to create friendships, networking and exchange between music organisations through cross-music-band friendships.
  • Initiate attractive projects such as concerts, orchestral competitions, CD recordings and co-operations with renowned composers and conductors. This requires the motivation and commitment of all orchestra members!
  • to present our audience with a varied and appealing concert programme.
  • be a musical figurehead for the region and at the same time promote the positive image of the wind music scene.

Participated: 2024
Country: AT

Lu No Winds

Roman Gruber Kuenstlerischer Leiter

Conductor: Roman Gruber

Roman was District Bandmaster of the Lungau Brass Music Association from February 2016 to May 2021 and has set himself the goal of founding a selection orchestra in the region, as making music in the selection orchestra in Lungau has a long tradition that should continue in the future.

Günther Binggl Web

Conductor: Günther Binggl

Günther Binggl lives in Mauterndorf, works as a carpenter operations manager in the timber construction industry and has been the bandmaster of the Bürgermusik Mauterndorf since 2003 and Lungau district bandmaster since 2021.

Biosphären Blasorchester "LuNo Winds" concert(s)
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