The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band

The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band

The Hod-Hasharon Conservatory is one of the fastest growing music institution in Israel. Opened in 2011, it now serves over 700 students for around the city. The Head Director, Maestro Yeruham Scharovsky, has built this institution along with Eyal Harkavi, as Director of school projects.

The Honors band started working in 2012, with second year students. Directed by Eyal Harkavi, the band grew and became one of the best young Wind bands in Israel. The Band has won first prize, class C, for its performance of “First Suite in Eb” by Gustav Holst, in the Mid- Europe Schladming competition in the summer of 2018.
Today, the band has 37 members, with ages ranging from 13 to 18 years old. The Honors Band is the Jewel of the 11 year old Hod-Hasharon Conservatory.

The Band playes a wide verity of repertoire, ranging from Jazz and Musicals, to original and classic Wind band pieces.

Participated: 2022
Country: IL

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Conductor: Eyal Harkavi

An Israeli Conductor, Composer and Arranger, Eyal Harkavi , has been conducting youth orchestras at various cities in Israel and is currently leading the Tel-Aviv Jaffa Youth Municipal band, the Atidim Middle school Music program and the Hod-Hasharon Honors Band. Eyal worked with some of Israel's best Theater Directors, Choreographers and Youth/Amateur Orchestras.

Eyal studied at the Rimon School of Music and has had the privilege to be tutored by Maestro Yeruham Scharovsky and Maestro Menahem Nebenhaus. Eyal has also participated in masterclasses by Joan D’Albuquerque, Alberto Roque and Laszlo Marosi. He has been arranging music for Concert Bands for many amateur and professional orchestras.

The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band concert(s)
Mid Europe 2022

Thursday, 14.07.2022

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

open air concert Orchestra: The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band, IL Location: Bühne 2 - Zentrum

Friday, 15.07.2022

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

open air concert Orchestra: The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band, IL Location: Bühne 2 - Zentrum

Saturday, 16.07.2022

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

CISM Competition Orchestra: The Hod-Hasharon Honors Band, IL Location: congress Schladming
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Title Solists Composer Publisher
Alvamar Overture James Barnes Belwin-Mills
Children's Suite Georgi Salnikov Molenaar