Kelim Shluvim

"Kelim shluvim" orchestra  is a brass band

Composed of about 35 adult musicians.

The orchestra's musicians are amateur musicians who have played since their childhood.

The orchestra holds a number of concerts each year for the general public, together with local artists

Participated: 2018
Country: IL

Kelim Shluvim

Conductor: Menachem Gruszinsky

Menachem Gruszinsky was bron in South America.
Immigrant to Israel in his childhood.
He is second Generation of Musicians.
His Father played in Haifa Symphony Orchestra.
Menachem is a conductor in many Youth Orchestras of Israel: Tivon, Mate Asher and Others.

Kelim Shluvim concert(s)
Mid Europe 2018

Thursday, 12.07.2018

5:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Saturday, 14.07.2018

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

hall concert Orchestra: Kelim Shluvim, IL Location: congress Schladming
Concertprogram >

Title Solists Composer Publisher
Man Of Many Parts Pi Scheffer Molenaar
The Music Man Meredith Willson; arr. Alfred Reed Frank Music cop.
Fanfara For Israel Paul Ben Haim
In A Persian Market Albert W. Ketelbey Bosworth and cop.
Satchmo Luis Amstrong; arr. Ted Rickets
Reflections Of This Time Ted Huggens Molenaar
Promenade Leroy Anderson; arr. John Cacavas Mills Music Inc.
A Kleyzmer Karnaval Ted Huggens Molenaar
Instant Concert arr. Harold Walters Rubank