Mid EUROPE's Marching Show is traditionally held on the Friday of Mid EUROPE week and returns this year to its familiar location in Planai Stadium.
Schladming Tattoo 2023 016 © Herbert Raffalt Web

The “Schladming TATTOO” marching show is traditionally held on the Friday of Mid EUROPE week. A captivating musical atmosphere is also guaranteed before and after the marching show in the town center of Schladming itself. So, look forward to a fantastic program of music on Friday evening!

The marching show begins in Planai Stadium at 7 PM. The Schladming Tattoo will be a musical feast for the eyes as well as ears. Following orchestras have already registered:

  • Militärmusik Oberösterreich
  • Marktmusikkapelle Seewalchen am Attersee
  • Youth Marching Show Band Göta Lejon, SWE

But there will be no shortage of musical entertainment before and after the Schladming TATTOO either. At 4.30 PM we will get us in the musical groove, while the end of the marching show is far from being the last hurrah. Beginning at 9 PM, the music continues on Wetzlarer Platz. Incidentally – there will be no shortage of good things to eat & drink either, with the food & beverage stands also open Friday evening.

Admission to the “Schladming TATTOO” for Planai Stadium is € 12 and for the Hohenhaus Tenne € 17, children under 14 are free.
All concerts in the Schladming town center are free.

Why is it called a “Tattoo”?
The term "tattoo" is generally associated with British military tradition and is the equivalent of “taps” in the United States. In other words, it indicates the time when troops are confined to their barracks for the night. This order was signaled by musicians within the garrison. The root of the word itself is the Dutch expression “(doe den) tap toe” which, in English, essentially means “turn off the tap”. This simple military tradition has developed over time into elaborate shows featuring all kinds of marching formations along with performances of music as well as dance.

The world’s biggest tattoo is the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, involving over 1000 musicians and dancers, and drawing over 220,000 spectators in the course of the annual multiday event. (Source: Wikipedia)