Blaskapelle Tauplitz

A group of particularly motivated musicians from the Trachtenkapelle Tauplitz founded the Bauernkapelle Tauplitz in 1980. The formation consisted of about 13-15 friends and they played at all kinds of events and festivals. The Bauernkapelle Tauplitz was always a sworn group, the joy of music was always in the foreground and so for many years they played music together. With advancing age of the musicians stopped inevitably more and more, it became a little quieter around the group, the band reduced in size, the performances became less, but the band was always playable.

Then around the year 2012 came a generational change and the chapel was completely rebuilt. As the original founding member, only Karl Edlinger stayed on for a few more years. Of the "old core cast" Hans Peter Hochreiner tried to reorganize the group which fortunately succeeded. Together with Florian Edlinger, who took over the musical direction, many new musicians could be won over, the program was renewed and extended, it is offered beside Bohemian-Moravian music and well-known Egerländer pieces also a more modern program with well-known world hits of ABBA, STS, Tina Turner etc.. In the course of the reorganization we also changed the name to "Blaskapelle BKT". Currently, 15 musicians are still enthusiastically involved and we have succeeded in that still the joy of music and friendship is in the foreground.

Participated: 2022
Country: AT

Bkt 01

Conductor: Florian Edlinger

Blaskapelle Tauplitz concert(s)
Mid Europe 2022

Thursday, 14.07.2022

6:45 PM - 7:45 PM

long night Ensemble/Orchestra: Blaskapelle Tauplitz, AT Location: Bühne 3 - Centro Parkplatz