Blaskapelle Ceska

The brass band Ceska was founded in 1989 as an association for the cultivation of Bohemian-Moravian brass music.

As a musical ambassador, it has led concert tours to China and the USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Milestones were also the cooperation with Vlado Kumpan, Hans Gansch or Franz Watz.

It was always important for the brass band Ceska to develop further and to maintain or improve the musical level. So they started to participate in Bohemian-Moravian competitions. Highlights were certainly the 1st place in the highest level at the international competition in South Tyrol in 2008, the European champion title in the highest level in 2013 and the victory of the Grand Prix of Brass Music 2019.

Meanwhile, they can look back on 9 CD productions and hundreds of concerts.

The way of the brass band Ceska is to present the finest Czech brass music. This is also consistently pursued by the many composers from their own ranks.

Participated: 2019, 2022
Country: AT

Bk  Ceska Klein

Blaskapelle Ceska concert(s)
Mid Europe 2023