Ensemble Kreato

In 2020, Ensemble Kreato celebrated its 50th anniversary. This symphonic band is comprised of about 70 musicians and is ranked in the Concert Division for amateur wind bands. Ensemble Kreato is home to quite a number of professional (aspiring) musicians, but is mainly composed of (advanced) amateur musicians. We are an association where everyone feels at ease. Making music together has always been our prime focus. Every year, we organise a thematic concert and a Christmas or New Year’s concert. Our biannual Proms concert is also very broadly appreciated. Occasionally, we go on concert trips abroad.

Efforts are made to regularly renew the repertoire, paying particular attention to the interpretation of original compositions for wind band. The performances of, among others, “Variazioni sinfoniche su non potho reposare” (Hardy Mertens), “La Passió de Crist” (Ferrer Ferrán) or “The Lord of the Rings” (Johan de Meij) still appeal to everyone’s imagination. Three CD recordings have been realised so far. Other eye-catchers in our concert activities are the biannual Proms concerts, in which renowned artists such as Luc Bergé, Walter Boeykens, François Glorieux, Benny Wiame and many others have already performed.

The band is conducted by Diederik De Roeck. Under his direction, the band was promoted to the Concert Division in 2012, the highest division for amateur bands in Belgium. Furthermore, Ensemble Kreato has its own youth section consisting of an initiation class, several Orff classes and the youth band JMA Pro Musica.

Participated: 2024
Country: BE

Ensemble Kreato Halle

Ensemble Kreato Halle Diederik De Roeck

Conductor: Diederik De Roeck

Diederik De Roeck was born in Geraardsbergen (Belgium). After obtaining the ‘City Medal’ for trumpet at the Municipal Academy of Music in his hometown in the class of Guido D’Haene, he perfected his skills during the last two years of secondary school at the Academy of Performing Arts in Aalst, taught by Honoré Verstraeten and Abel Degussem. He then started his higher education at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he obtained First Prizes in Music Theory, Transposition, Trumpet and Chamber Music.

His teachers Manu Mellaerts and Guido Segers played a remarkable role throughout these years. Completing his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory, the ‘Diploma Docerend Musicus’ was awarded in the class of Theo Mertens. After a two-year study programme at the Maastricht Conservatory, the ‘Diploma Uitvoerend Musicus’ was awarded under the supervision of Raymond Vievermanns (recognised as a Master’s degree in Flanders).

Meanwhile, his interest in conducting steadily grew. At the conservatories of Brussels and Ghent, he studied Wind Band Conducting under the mentorship of François De Ridder, Jan Segers, Norbert Nozy and Dirk Brossé.

Professionally, he was part of the Beethoven Academy in Antwerp as a trumpet player for 20 years. He also regularly performed in several distinguished orchestras such as I Fiamminghi, La Monnaie, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and the National Orchestra of Belgium.

He currently teaches brass playing in Part-time Art Education, having a full-time position at the Academy of Performing Arts in Aalst and the Arts Academy in Wetteren.

His ambition and commitment for conducting prominent wind bands in Flanders (Belgium) does not only result in organising high-quality projects with numerous renowned artists, often in the most diverse genres, but also in achieving various prestigious prizes and awards.

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