Hoagascht Musikanten

Tradition does not have to be old! The idea of the Hoagascht Musikanten is to combine the traditional repertoire of dance music with selected modern modern pieces to enrich and extend. Thus stand classics such as "Mir san vom Gradnertal", the "Bohemian Dream" and their own own interpretations of well-known ABBA or STS Songs, also various Medleys and Co. in the program. With care and a lot of love for the musical detail arranged.


Participated: 2023, 2024
Country: AT

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Hoagascht Musikanten concert(s)
Mid Europe 2023

Thursday, 13.07.2023

10:00 PM - 11:30 PM

long night Ensemble/Orchestra: Hoagascht Musikanten, AT Location: Bühne 5 - Posthotel