Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein

The Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein was founded in 1925 under Kapellmeister Johann Schröder as a private band and was allowed to officially bear the name "Stadtkapelle" from 1932, after Heidenreichstein was elevated to a town.

In 1959 this private band became the association "Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein" under the direction of chairman Johann Veith and bandmaster Anton Schindl.

In 1961 the band joined the Lower Austrian Wind Music Association.

From 1968 to 1994 the town band was led by Ladislaus Weber, who invested a lot of time in new musical directions, rehearsal work and youth work.

In 1994 Hannes Reigl took over the musical direction and set the course for symphonic brass music. Through his skills and his immense commitment, many young people could be won for brass music. Instruments that were unusual at the time, such as oboe and bassoon, became a fixed part of the orchestra line-up, as did the innovative focus on an extensive range of percussion instruments.

From 2007 on, the Stadtkapelle was conducted by Rainer M. Haidl. Under his direction, the spring concerts were based on artistic dramaturgical overall concepts. In addition to symphonic brass music at the highest level, the audience was presented with self-produced films as well as extraordinary presentations.

In 2018, the orchestral musician and director of the Heidenreichstein Music School Association Martin Kaburek took over the musical direction of the town band. With him began a forward-looking cooperation with the elementary school. Children who want to learn a wind instrument receive a teaching instrument free of charge from the Stadtkapelle and, in addition to individual lessons, are taught to play in the orchestra every week free of charge directly after school. In the orchestra, Martin Kaburek focuses on musical quality, diversity and music education.

For more than 20 years, the Stadtkapelle has successfully participated in the annual concert music evaluations and the music festivals of the Lower Austrian Wind Music Association and always focuses on symphonic concert wind music with its concerts. In addition to symphonic wind music, traditional wind music is not neglected. Polka, waltzes and other entertainment music can be heard at the morning pint, especially marching music can be heard from the Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein every year at the days of brass music in the whole city area and in the villages.

Participated: 2023
Country: AT

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Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein Martin Kaburek

Conductor: Martin Kaburek

Martin Kaburek (born 1977) studied instrumental and vocal pedagogy clarinet and jazz saxophone with distinction at the Vienna Conservatory in Vienna. As a member of the orchestra Divertimento Viennese he was allowed to perform at countless concert and ball appearances in Austria and abroad (among others Konzerthaus Vienna, Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Opera Ball, Opera Ball in New York, London, Chemnitz, Milan, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ...). Gaining experience in classical music, Viennese ball music and music of the 20's and 30's. He owes his love for symphonic wind music to his participation in numerous international youth orchestra projects of the Mid Europe as well as the WASBE.

Martin Kaburek is also very familiar with big band sounds. More than 20 years ago, he founded the Skunk Funk Jazz Orchestra, which enchanted audiences with original arrangements by Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Bob Mintzer and Thad Jones.

Since 2018, he has been steering the musical fortunes of the Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein, where he continues the tradition of symphonic wind music. As head of the Heidenreichstein Music School Association, the training of young musicians is particularly close to his heart.

Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein concert(s)
Mid Europe 2023

Wednesday, 12.07.2023

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

hall concert Ensemble/Orchestra: Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein, AT Location: congress Schladming
Concertprogram >

Title Solists Composer Publisher
Galactic Fanfare Randall D. Standridge Randall Standridge Music
Beyond the Horizon Rossano Galante Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
Interstellar Noah D. Taylor C. Alan Publications
Star Trek: First Contact Jerry Goldsmith Ensign Corporation/Famous Music USA, Editions Marc Reift
Star Wars Trilogy John Williams Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. and Bantha Music
Space Stones (Part 1) Marcel Peters Molenaar Edition

Thursday, 13.07.2023

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

open air concert Ensemble/Orchestra: Stadtkapelle Heidenreichstein, AT Location: Bühne 2 - Zentrum