Die Jungen Wilden

The story
None of us could have imagined what a spontaneous idea in the winter of 2010 would one day become. That was when Clemens, Michael and Christoph arranged to meet for the first time to play New Year's violins. As the line-up wasn't really ideal, we got reinforcements the following year and were on the road as a five-piece until we started playing with the line-up we know today in 2012.

From this point onwards, we became better known and played more and more gigs. In 2015, we played internationally in Slovenia for the first time.

In 2018 we really took off: We opened our season with our first season-opening concert in Straden, which had a few surprises in store and was such a great success that the sequel in spring 2019 topped everything. In May, we moved into our newly built rehearsal room in Trössing.

At the beginning of 2020, we finally released our first album "Ein Danke an die Freundschaft".

There is not much to report on the next two years due to a forced break caused by the coronavirus. 2023 saw the start of a "self-discovery phase", which showed that we were not yet where we actually wanted to be and we decided to upgrade: instead of seven, there will be eight young musicians on stage from the 2024 season. Now our music will be crowned by a wonderful voice.

Our unique style
Our music ranges from Bohemian-Moravian brass music with its polkas, waltzes and marches to our own compositions and modern popular music - from Ernst Mosch to Michael Jackson, from the brass band Tschecharanka to ACDC. What sets us apart is our purely brass band line-up: we perform our entire repertoire, which we arrange ourselves, without electric bass, keyboards or guitars - on stage there are only brass instruments, drums and, most recently, vocals.

Participated: 2024
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