WAWOP (World-Adult-WindOrchestra Project)

Many members have participated in WYWOP multiple times and enjoy returning year after year. Unfortunately, there is an age limit with the project and several members had “aged out” of the group. Out of this limitation grew the idea to established the World Adult Wind Orchestra Project (WAWOP) – an orchestra for avid musicians aged 30 years and above – which was first organized and performed in 2017. WAWOP musicians from around the world come together for a challenging and enriching week of music making. WAWOP rehearses primarily in the morning and evening, which gives members an opportunity to participate in social activities and cultural outings that are planned throughout the week.

As mentioned, WAWOP is designed for musicians ages 30 and up (no upper limit) and open by application. Band directors, music teachers, community band members, and music lovers who want to play at the highest level with well-known conductors and composers are encouraged to apply. WAWOP offers an inspiring week of music and opportunities to enjoy the Mid EUROPE Music Festival, the Austrian Alps, and local culture.

Participated: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023, 2024
Country: INT

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WAWOP (World-Adult-WindOrchestra Project) concert(s)
Mid Europe 2024

Sound sample:

Werktitel: Anthem

Ensemble/Orchestra: WAWOP (World-Adult-WindOrchestra Project)
Komponist: Steven Bryant
Verlag: stevenbryant.com